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Trigger Warnings


This isn’t a complete list since trigger warnings are constantly changed, but should give you enough information to know whether the book is a good fit for you. If you have any questions about a specific situation, or you think a trigger should be added to a book, you are welcome to email me at

All of my books have graphic sexual content and profanity, and are written for people 18+.



Sexual Assault, car accident, death of a parent, abandonment of a parent, bullying, assault, anxiety/depression/ADHD


By main characters: mental health/depression, drug and alcohol use/abuse, self harm

By side characters: death


By main characters: inappropriate feelings for a minor (no sex but there is some foreplay), biting, blood, cheating, alcohol, weed

By side characters: child abuse, child neglect


By main characters:

By side characters: child abuse, drugs, kidnapping, sexual assault, child sexual assault, death


By main characters: other man/fuck buddy drama, dubcon, anxiety, hospitalization, critical talk about diets/food (fat/diet shaming)

By side characters: physical abuse (on page), psychological abuse (on page), suicide (on page but not graphic)

off sides

Death of parent (cancer) - off page, emotional abandonment of a parent, disappearance of a high school girlfriend, substance abuse by a sibling, knife fight (sibling not main character), degradation, mental health rep (anxiety, lack of self worth, panic, and one character gets triggered into a panic attack), slap on the face by a parent. 


By main characters: anxiety, depression, hospitalization

By side characters: child abuse, child neglect, kidnapping, burns/torture,

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