Andi Jaxon

Sex. Sarcasm. Suspense.


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Craze Andi Jaxon NEW ECOVER.jpg



He's a stranger, a stalker... a mystery, and for now, I call him Psycho. 

You know that feeling you have when you think you're being watched? Or that you're not alone? I do. All the time. Goosebumps frequent my skin and the hair all over my body stands at attention. I’m no longer bothered by it, in fact, some time ago, I started to feel comforted by it. By him. 

The only thing I fear, is if I can handle the dark path of pleasure mixed with pain he's bound to lead me down or how much I crave his touch. 

Annabelle calls me Psycho, she doesn’t realize how accurate her choice of name is. I want her, always have. She doesn’t know it yet, but she’s mine. 
When the time is right, I will claim her. Until then, I’ll watch over her and remind her she’s not alone. 

Annabelle is my best friend. I'm all she has and I'll do whatever it takes to protect her, even if it's from herself. 
She's keeping secrets... secrets that could destroy our friendship. 

*** This book contains intense sexual scenes. Intended for readers 18 years or older. ***

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