I should be writing...

I should be writing additional content for the upcoming re-release of Save Me. I should be doing laundry, cleaning the house, prepping dinner, taking a shower. There are a lot of things I should be doing. But right now, my house is quiet. The oldest kid is at school, the middle is in the bathtub, and the youngest is taking a nap. My house is NEVER quiet during the day. I turned the TV off and am just sitting in my chair, drinking coffee and watching the snow fall. I’m able to breath.

Next week I start on Learning Curve edits from my editor. I’m both excited and terrified to see what she says. Feedback form Beta’s was mostly good so I hope she doesn’t find too much shit I have to fix. I’m honestly in love with the story. Ben is so broken but something inside of him won’t let him quit. Alister is so patient with him, so freakin’ perfect.

Kristen and Alex’s book scares me if I’m being honest. I’m afraid it won’t be as good. I’m afraid it’ll fall flat and won’t do them justice. I don’t know where to start it, Kristen is broken too but carries it so much differently than Ben. I need them to start talking to me.