Ramblings of a Dyslexic

Most people aren’t aware of this, but I’m dyslexic. Lowercase B’s and D’s are my mortal enemies and I’m pushing 30. Spelling, punctuation, and grammar were the hardest part of school for me (lets be real, I still don’t know what an adjective is…) and it wasn’t until I was 14 that I started to read because I WANTED too instead of because I HAD too. My mother got married to a man I quickly came to hate, teenage angst was high, and I was desperate for an escape from life. I found books. I honestly believe that books saved me. In my darkest times, I looked to books for hope, for escape.

Tomorrow the 4th book with my name on the cover will be published. It will be the 3rd book (so far) that I’ve written with AJ, but my name is there too. I helped write books. I helped write words that invoked visceral responses from people, hope, escape and realization. Our words did that.

Today we got an amazing review for our upcoming release, Love (SEAL’ed Series 2) that broke my heart in the best possible way. Ashley from The Laundry Librarian, made us cry tears of elation and relief. Someone understood what we were trying to say, she understood it so completely that if no one else likes, we will still be satisfied. 

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